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Apple device for heart attack

Apple Reportedly Working on Predicting Heart Attacks

Apple has been having closed door meetings with Tesla, an interesting meetings of two very innovative companies that could mean quite a number of possibilities. This report came from the San Francisco Chronicle, the same report also says that Apple may be revving up to release a device that will predict a heart attack. Per […]

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Decreases Outlook

Whole Foods Market had a successful fiscal first quarter with an increase in earnings of 8.2% as well as increase in revenue and a rise in same store sales. However, even with all this good news the company’s shares fell in extended trading because the company lowered its outlook for the fiscal year and the […]


FBI Offering Reward for Leads to Lasers Shined at Aircraft

Due to advances in technology it is becoming ever easier for the average individual to purchase high quality lasers at a cheap price. Sometimes you can even find them in your drugstore. This also means that more people than ever are pointing these lasers at airplanes. This dangerous practice can temporarily blind the pilots so […]

Obamacare delay

Portions of Obamacare Delayed Again

Monday came with an announcement from the Obama administration that there will be a delay in another portion of the Obamacare law. The portion being affected is the requirement for employers to provide health insurance for their employees. Under the legislation any business with more than 50 employees, and fewer than 100 employees, will have […]


Post Office Loses Over $300 Million

Over the last three months the U.S. Postal Service has posted a loss of more than $354 million. Officials warned on Friday that these extravagant losses might mean cash flow problems for the remainder of the year. Despite the large loss it is still much lower than the loss for the same quarter in the […]


Senate Fails to Extend Unemployment Benefits

The Senate failed to make a move forward on passing a three month long extension of unemployment benefits on Thursday. This makes it unlikely that Congress would approve the extension and undermines a key part of the President’s plan for economic recovery. A total of 59 Senators voted to advance the bill, including 4 Republicans, […]

Coke Buy Green Mountain Stake

Coke Buys 10% of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Coca-Cola has reportedly bought a 10% stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The maker of the popular Keurig coffee brewer said on Wednesday that the stake was bought for $1.25 billion and will allow Green Mountain to launch a new cold drink machine that is scheduled to be released as soon as October of this […]


CBO: Obamacare Will Cost Millions of Jobs

The long term effects of the Obamacare legislation have been debated ever since the law was first introduced and not much concrete data has been put forth to shed light on the situation. However, on Tuesday the Congressional Budget Office put out a new concrete report that revised their projections. The report states that as […]